Vegetarian Corner

Served with steamed rice

V1.Amazing Eggplant 
Sliced eggplant dipped in light batter andfried to perfection served witamazing peanut sauce.

V2. Basil Eggplant
Sliced eggplant sautéed with sweet basil.

V3. Siam Tofu with Thai Chili Sauce   
Crispy tofu topped with mild chili sauce over vegetables.
V4. Vegetable Combo
Combination of tofu and eggplant sautéed with mixed vegetables in light brown sauce.

V5. Tornado Tofu  

​Lightly fried tofu topped with green curry sauce served on the bed of mixed vegetables.

V6. Fancy Tofu 
Lightly fried tofu topped with cashew nuts, baby corn, straw mushrooms in our sweet&sour sauce.
V7. Sautéed Mixed Vegetables
V8. Sautéed Bean Curd with Mixed Vegetables
V9. Steamed Mixed Vegetables
V10. Mixed Vegetable Fried Rice

Traditional Dishes

Served with 
steamed aromatic jasmine rice and your choice of favorite sauce

Chicken, Pork,  tofu or Mixed Vegetables

$ 10.95

Shrimp,Squid or Beef                            

$ 11.95

Combination Shrimp & Chicken

$ 13.95

Sea Scallop or Wild Caught Jumbo Shrimp or Grilled Salmon

$ 19.95

Crispy Duck or Soft Shell Crab 

$ 18.95

Seafood Combination

$ 18.95

Garlic & Black Pepper
Garlic and black pepper sautéed with mixed vegetable.
Cashew Nuts
Sautéed with fresh veggies and cashew nuts in our tasty sauce.
Basil Hot Pepper
​With blended herbal chili, basil leaves, onion and bell pepper.
Sweet & Sour
Sautéed in chunk pineapples, cucumber, tomatoes, bell pepper, onion and scallion.
With bell pepper, carrot, mushrooms, baby corn, onion, celery, scallion and fresh shredded ginger.
With fresh broccoli, carrot and mushroom in oyster sauce. Recommend beef.
Prig Khing
Sautéed bell green beans and sweet basil in chili paste.
Mix Vegetables
Stir-fried assorted fresh vegetables with brown sauce.
Baby Corn
​Baby corn, mushroom, onion, carrots , bell pepper , celery in sesame oil. Recommend shrimps

Salad (Yum)

Yum Yai Salad
Grilled chicken breast on a bed of lettuce, cucumber, tomato , onion, broccoli, celery and carrot served with peanut dressing.
Nam Sod
Lean ground pork spiced with fresh ginger, lime juice, onion, carrot and roasted peanutsn served over lettuce.
Yum Nua ( Steak Salad )
Classic Thai salad features slice of beef, onion, carrot, cucumber & tomato; mix with chili and a zippy lime juice dressing on a bed of lettuce.
Yum Seafood
Tender calamari, shrimps, mussels and scallop gently cooked to perfection with, onion, carrot, cucumber & tomato with lime juice dressing on the bed of lettuce.
Larb Gai 
A Thai dining tradition becomes a world-class delicacy with our special touch, chopped chicken breast spiced in toasted rice powder, chili, onions, lime juice, and mint leaves. Recommend eating as Thai Style with Sticky Rice. Available with ground pork, LARB MOO.
Yum Ped Yang (Duck Salad)
Strips of crispy duck with cashew nuts,onion, tomato, cucumber and carrot served on a bed of lettuce.
Green Papaya Salad (Thai/Loa)
Shredded green papaya, green bean,tomato, shrimp, peanut and fresh chili mixed in a mortar and pestle with lime juice and fish sauce. Recommend to eat with Sticky Rice.

Waterfall Beef ( Nam Tok Beef)

Famous northeastern Thai dish, slice beef spiced in toasted rice powder, chili, onions, lime juice, and mint leave served over lettuce. Available with pork (Nam Tok Pork). Recommend to eat with Sticky Rice.



A1.  Egg Rolls

Seasoned bean thread, cabbage, carrots & celery


A2. Thai Spring Rolls

Country style spring roll you've been searching for, wrapped with special rice paper, stuffed with shrimp, ground pork, dry mushroom, carrots, bean thread, onions & scallions, lightly deep fried.


A3. Summer Rolls

Light, Light and Light!!!  Fresh tender rice paper wrapped with shrimp, chicken, sweet basil,lettuce, carrots, cucumber and sprout.


A4. Chicken Satay

Marinated with secret Thai spices and coconut milk; barbecued on skewers, served with home made peanut sauce and small cucumber salad.  Try it!


A5. Steamed Dumpling

Mixed ground pork, shrimp & water chestnut, shitake mushroom, served with house soy sauce.


A6. Crab Rangoon

Cheese blended with crabmeat stuffing in a light golden bag with a hint of curry.


A7. Shrimp Tempura

Large shrimp dipped in delicate batter and lightly fried served over vegetable tempura.


A8. Curry Puff

Stuffed with chicken, onion, potato and a touch of curry served with cucumber salad.


A9. Basil Mussel

New Zealand mussels sautéed with basil sauce.


A10. Pan Fried Squid

Marinated squid lightly fried served with house sauce.


A11. Tofu Dips

Deep fried tofu with house dipping sauce


A12. Pot Sticker (chicken)


A13. Soft Shell Crab Tempura

Crunchy soft shell crab served over vegetable tempura.


A14. Tom Yum Sampler

Our best combination of appetizers  2 Spring Rolls, 2 Egg Rolls, 2 Tempura Shrimps, 2 Curry Puffs, 2 Crab Rangoons.


Thai Curries

Served with steamed aromatic jasmine rice and your choice of favorite curry

Chicken , Pork,  tofu or Mixed Vegetables

$ 10.95

Shrimp, Squid or Beef

$ 11.95

Combination Shrimp & Chicken

$ 13.95

Sea Scallop or Wild Caught Jumbo Shrimp or Grilled Salmon

$ 19.95

Crispy Duck or Soft Shell Crab

$ 18.95

Seafood Combination

$ 18.95

Our house specialty! Your choice of meat sautéed in homemade peanut sauce served over steamed broccoli.
Panang Curry
Royal-style, smooth Thai curry in cream of coconut milk with ground peanut slowly simmered with bell pepper and zucchini.
Green Curry
Slices of your choice of meat are served with a light green curry sauce, bell pepper, green bean, peas & carrots with sweet basil.
Red Curry
Thai red curry in cream of coconut milk sautéed with your choice of meat, bell pepper and bamboo shoots.
Yellow Curry
Aroma yellow curry in cream of coconut milk sautéed with your choice of meat, onion, carrot, potato.
Jungle Curry
​Urban taste of our red curry without coconut milk sautéed with mixed vegetable and sweet basil leaves.


S-1 Wonton Soup Stuffed with seasoned ground pork, with vegetables, scallion and roasted garlic.
S-2 Rice Soup Mild flavored soup; sprinkled with scallion and roasted garlic. chicken 2.95  shrimps 3.95

S-3 Vegetable Soup

An extremely delicate and mild flavor soup. Mixed vegetables prepared in clear broth.

S-4 Chicken Coconut Soup Thailand's famous aromatic coconut milk soup and mushrooms flavored with lemongrass, galanga, kaffir leaves and lime juice.

S-5 Tom Yum Shrimp or Chicken

This is a classic and most popular soup from Thailand.  A rich broth of mushrooms, Thai spices, lemon grass,galanga, lime juice and kaffir leaves.


S-6 Tom Yum Talay Tong  

A combination of shrimp, scallop, and calamari in lime broth with mushroom, onion, lemongrass, and kaffir leaves.


S-7 Miso Soup   Soft tofu, seaweed and scallions in the light, miso broth.



Established in 2009


*Items in BLUE are our popular dishes


104 Patricia AvenueDunedinFL 34698

Lunch: M-F 11:30 - 3:00 pm

Dinner: Sun-Th 4:30 - 9:00 pm     F-Sat 4:30 - 10:00 pm



F.B.I  (Fried Banana with Ice Cream)
Sweet Sticky Rice with Coconut Custard
Sticky Rice with Mango (Seasonal)
Sweet Sticky Rice with Coconut Ice Cream
Homemade Coconut Ice Cream
Fried Banana with honey and sesame seeds
Thai Donut

Chef Favorites 

( Served with jasmine rice )

Whole Snapper
Crispy, whole snapper (1.5 -2.0lb.) topped with your choice of Delicious red chili sauce  or  Seasoned gravy of mushroom, carrot, celery, onion, ginger & scallion or Homemade sweet & sour sauce.

Fried Whole Pompano

Flash fried whole pompano served with steamed vegetable and garlic sauce.
Steamed Whole Pompano
Try our house steamed pompano with ginger sauce, shitake mushroom and scallion. (Thai Favorite)
Sizzling Seafood
Combination of wild caught shrimps, squids, sea scallops, fish fillet and mussels sautéed with chili paste sauce.
Sea Scallop Or Jumbo Shrimp Volcano
Your choice of grilled sea scallop or grilled wild caught shrimps with mild Thai chili sauce.

Two Friends Panang

Grilled wild caught jumbo shrimps and sliced chicken breast simmered in coconut milk and panang curry.
Siam Chicken
Lightly fried marinated chicken breast, served with mild chili sauce.
Massaman Chicken
Massaman curry influenced by Indian,Grill marinated chicken sautéed in cream of coconut milk with onion, carrot and potato garnished with roasted peanut.
Clay Pot Shrimps
Sautéed shrimps with clear noodles and vegetables in brown sauce, served in a clay pot.
Mother In Law Beef (Chicken or Pork available)
Asking for real THAI!…..Chopped lean beef stir fried with fresh Thai basil, green bean and herbal chilies…SPICY HOT! 
Crispy Roast Duckling
Twice cooked boneless crispy duck well seasoned & delicately roasted served with our special sauce.

Fancy Duck

Tender boneless crispy duck topped with cashew nuts, baby corn, mushrooms in our delicious sweet and sour sauce,

thai & Sushi

TOM YUM THAI & SUSHI  727-953-9898

Side Orders

Steamed Rice                                        2      Peanut Sauce3
Brown Rice2Panang Sauce3
Sticky Rice2Brown Sauce or Any Other Curry Sauce3
Egg Fried Rice3Extra Vegetables2
Steamed Noodle2Extra Cashew2
Cucumber Salad2Small Salad ( Ginger or House)2.95

Rice & Noodle

These dishes do not come with steamed rice, extra steamed rice $ 2 .00

Shrimp or Beef Dish  add $1 extra.   

Seafood Combination $ 14 .95

Pad Thai

Arguably Thailand's most famous dish,sautéed rice noodles served with chicken, shrimps, egg,  ground peanuts, bean sprouts, and scallions.


Sautéed bean thread noodle with your choice of meat, egg,  ground peanuts, bean sprouts, and scallions.


Pad Seew

Thai style big flat rice noodles pan fried with your choice of meat, egg, broccoli and carrots in sweet soy sauce.


Pad Ba Mee

Egg noodle sautéed with mix vegetables in brown sauce with your choice of chicken or pork.


Drunken Noodle

Big rice noodle and your choice of meat sautéed with egg, green bean, bell pepper and sweet basil.


Lad Nar

Stir-fried big rice noodle topped with house gravy, broccoli, carrot and your choice of meat.


Pad Woon Sen

Stir-fried clear noodle with egg and mix vegetables and your choice of meat.


Thai Fried Rice
Classic Thai Fried Rice. Jasmine rice stir-fried with your choice of meat, onion, broccoli, carrots, and egg. Available without egg, please ask.
Spicy Basil Fried Rice
Stir fried rice with fresh basil leaves, onion, and bell pepper with your choice of meat.
Tom Yum Combination Fried Rice
Jasmine rice stir-fried with chicken, pork, beef and shrimp with onion, broccoli, carrots & egg.
Pineapple Fried Rice
Classic Thai Fried Rice. Stir-fried with chicken, pork, beef and shrimp, chunk of pineapple, raisins, broccoli, carrot, onion, egg and cashew nut with a touch of curry.